Sportscars – are they worth buying?

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Sportscars and supercars are fascinating people all around the world. They symbol financial wealth, technical finesse and lots of fun & emotion while driving them. Every year comes a new supercar. Faster, better aerodynamics, better looks and the latest innovations. Sounds good, but it has it´s price. Most sportscars out there are just highly expensive, thus can´t be afforded by most parts of the population. Furthermore a supercar doesn´t offer a lot of space or even seats to transport family members or others. So you are spending huge amounts of money for a car, that can just be driven for fun. Now there is a solution for that problem: supercarsharing

Just like the usual carsharing is getting a thing now, the same concept offers even more advantages to sportscar owners & fans. To discuss if it´s still viable to buy a sportscar yourself, we will take a closer look at these advantages.

Costs vs. time

The biggest problem of buying a sportscar is it´s price. This point gets even worse considering how often you will end up really driving the car. If you´re not a „hardcore fan“, you´ll mostly have another car for everyday use. As a father of a family you need backseats for the kids and a big cargo room for all the stuff that comes along with kids. So your sportscar will end up standing in the garage most of the time. Although the car is not used, it is still very expensive. High insurance and maintenance rates need to be paid, wether the car is driven once a month or every day. The supercarsharing concept solves that problem. If you just want to drive a really extraordinary car from time to time, you will get a lot cheaper by just renting a supercar. That way you don´t need to worry about maintenance, insurance or even the space in your garage. And you can still enjoy the ride without exceptions.

The same thing works if you own a sportscar already. While it is just standing around, you can offer other people to drive with it – and let the car earn some money for you by itself. That way it becomes much more affordable to own a sportscar. Plus, don´t forget about all the happy faces you will see while allowing people to drive their dreamcar.


According to the last point, there is the advantage of a high flexibility. You just need the car for one week to enjoy your vacation? Go ahead and rent it for one week, without worrying about anything else. It was always your dream to drive that Lamborghini once in your life? Then just do it! A supercar rental is affordable for almost everyone, so no car freak needs to pass out on the opportunity to drive their dream car. Thanks to the flexible rental options, you can also easily try different cars to find out which suits you the most. If you want to enjoy a sunny day go for a Porsche 911 Convertible. If it´s snowy outside but you still want to drive something exciting, try the new Audi SQ7. There is always a car that fits to your plans. Even if it´s a very specific car, you don´t to drive it for the rest of the year.

Supercarsharing is a great alternative

As you can see, depending on the personal preferences supercarsharing can be an efficient alternative to buying a sportscar. As long as you like the aspect of high flexiblity and you are not driving a sportscar that often, a rental will be a better deal for you. But even if you´re owning a supercar by yourself already, you can still take a profit out of the supercarsharing concept.

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