Laser Marking as the Future of Brand Visibilitty

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A New Way for Industry Players to Consider Using

The presence of laser marking technology has a varying impact that can be felt thoroughly. This is especially true in terms of metal parts industry. Using laser for marking the surface of metallic material yields more results in the process thanks to its speed and gives more satisfaction due to its precision. As a result, a company that sells metallic parts can ensure its brand’s visibility and make their products easily traceable despite the amount of sold goods and the span of time. Industries in sectors such as medical technology, pieces of jewelry, mechanical, electronics, valves, or automotive can benefit greatly from such technology. The technology, as a matter of fact, is becoming more and more preferred in those sectors due to it negating the needs of any consumables.

Lasit Laser Marking

The Pros of Using Laser Engraving Technology

Marking a metallic surface using the laser is versatile. The technology can be used to put logos, writing, graphics, data matrixes, designs, and progressive numbers on any surface, regardless of their complexities. Geometric shapes can be engraved in their highest definition, down to the smallest details. Markings are etched onto the surface through the means of localized heating instead of removal of materials, making them appear seamless. Products whose markings are made through exposure to laser retain their traceability as the markings are permanent, wear-resistant, and heat-/acid-resistant.

Resorting to laser benefits manufacturers in terms of timeframes required to complete a line of production. Markings of different types can be produced in such a short time that a user does not even have to refit the machine for various purposes. Quality, however, is still preserved despite the speed at which the entire process takes place. Sprays, pastes, and inks require additional cost to procure and use and the disposal of those elements requires even more money to execute. Consumables like these are practically absent when using laser so efficiency can always be expected.